A seven week course to being a better husband and father

The Called to be Men Nine Week Course is designed to not only encourage men to be better husbands and fathers, but to give them the instructions necessary each week to be empowered and to be transformed into a changed man.

  1. Week One: teaching on God’s Teaching and Instruction to Biblically be a man
  2. Week Two: teaching on the power of imparting blessings to your family
  3. Week Three: teaching on the power of giving honor
  4. Week Four: teaching of how to be a better husband
  5. Week Five: teaching on how to use God’s tools to be a better father
  6. Week Six: teaching on being a disciple of Yeshua (Jesus)
  7. Week Seven: teaching on The Language of The Bible – Covenant
  8. Week Eight: understanding the Olive Tree
  9. Week Nine: graduation and Bar Mitzvah

At the end of the seven weeks — we will take men back to the Ancient Paths that God gave us to bring restoration to the family. We will have a Bar Mitzvah Ceremony for the releasing of Yahweh’s blessing of the path to manhood. Lives are so transformed by these seven weeks of instruction and the Ceremony that family members are easily noticing the differences. Many men keep the manuals that they receive for future advice when questions arise in their lives.