ELCC Important Upcoming Dates!!



Every week!


Tuesday                   6:30  Foundational Basics Hebrew Class

Thursday            “Called To Be Men” and Proverbs 31 Women classes:

                                Classes Starting Soon!  Call 406-699-4346

Friday                  Erev Shabbat:  6:00 PM  Meal   Bring entrée, side, salad

                               or dessert to share .

                               7:00 PM  Erev Shabbat Service

Saturday              9:30 AM    “Leadership: the Language of the Bible” Class

                                2:00–4:30 PM   Shabbat Celebration!

                                  Worship, Teaching & Midrash

                                  Please bring snacks to share.


Men’s Breakfast!

To Be Announced
BRING GUESTS –    $ 5.00 donation


Sept 26              10:00 AM –  Decorate Sanctuary for the Fall Feasts!

Sept 29              Sunday 5:00 PM:  Erev Yom Teruah 
                            The King is Coming!  Lots of Food, Shofars, Worship and

                            Congregational Dance 

Sept 30 – Oct 9      The Ten Days of Awe    Preparing our hearts for Yom

                                   Kippur,   Sept 10th-18th  6:00 AM    Morning Prayer   

Sun, Oct 6                4:00 PM         Tashlich Service  at Lake Elmo State Park


 Tue, Oct 8               6:30 PM    Erev Yom Kippur – Kol Nidre & Mikveh

        Services, 6:30 PM   Yom Kippur begins with Kol Nidre at ELCC

               8:00 PM   Mikveh at The Reef (meet Big Horn Resort Lobby)


Wed, Oct 9              10:00 AM –    Yom Kippur  –  Our Wedding Day!

                                     4:00 PM       A Shabbat – No work or school today!

                                   A Day of Corporate Fasting and Prayer. 

                                   The Bride is declared ready to marry the Groom!

                                    Be sure to wear white!  You are the Bride of the King!


5:00 PM       The Feast after the Fast!  (Guadalajara catering)

Paid RSVP required by Sat, Oct 5.

                          Adults: $10  (Mega-serving available for $16)  Children 8 & under: $5 


Sat, Oct 12           2:00 – ELCC Sukkot Prep Day – all hands on Deck!          

           5:00 PM     Set up Tipi, Nativity, & Sukkah and Prep the Sanctuary & Kitchen for celebrations!!!   Bring food to share for a meal when we are done!

Sun, Oct 13

     5:00 PM  Erev Sukkot – The Wedding Feast of the King Begins!                                                                                                                                                    …and time to celebrate the birth of our Messiah!

         5:00 PM   Meal together!  Bring favorite Holiday dishes & desserts

                            6:00 PM   Erev Sukkot Service 

                              Lots of shofars, singing, and dancing!

                           Part of the service will be outdoors so dress for the weather. 


Mon, Oct 14            11:30 AM      Sukkot Day 1     

                                  A Shabbat – No work or school today! Enjoy the day with Yeshua, family, & friends!


Tue, Oct 15             6:00 – Sukkot Day 2  – a Fun Sukkot celebration this evening!

                                   8:00 PM    6:00 PM   Annual Chili Cook-Off & Dessert War! (at the church)

    Bring your best homemade chili & desserts for competition! There will be prizes!

                    Other fun planned too!  More info later!!

Fri, Oct 18                6:00 PM        Erev Shabbat Sukkot!

                                    6:00 PM   Shabbat Congregational Meal

                                     7:00 PM   Sukkot Erev Shabbat Service


Sat, Oct 19           1:00 –   Shabbat/Sukkot Day 6    ELCC Thanksgiving Celebration!

                             5:00 PM  A good time for the whole family!!  Great food!

                             Games! Dancing!  ELCC will provide the turkey. Everyone

                              bring Thanksgiving sides & desserts!  

Sun, Oct 20               Noon –  Sukkot Day 7   Hoshana Rabbah Blessings &

                                     Prayer Service  

                                    2:00 PM   Bring a dessert to share afterwards!


Mon, Oct 21            Shemini Atzeret – “Eighth Day of Sukkot”

                                 A Shabbat – No work & school today.  This day is for you and Yeshua!


Tue, Oct 22              6:30 PM         Simchat Torah!   “Joy of the Torah!”

                                6:30 PM    Soups, Breads & Desserts  Please bring your favorites to share!

                                    7:00 PM    Simchat Torah Celebration Service


 So much of what YHVH is saying to us is hidden in the fall feasts!    


Important Reminders!

Not able to come to ELCC for Shabbat? 

         Join us Friday evenings on Livestream at 7:00 PM


         Weekly  –  Hebrew Roots –  broadcast  Saturdays 9:30 AM

           on our local Cable station:  Community 7

         YouTube:  Search for Steve Heimbichner??? and subscribe!